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"I have been having my tax returns prepared by the office of Ruben Ruiz CPA for the past 12 years and they have always done an excellent job. For the past several years, Bernard Ruelas has been in charge of my returns and the service he has provided has been outstanding. He is always available to promptly answer even my dumbest questions and has gone above and beyond the call of duty to get my returns filed in a timely manner, even when I have been very late in providing him with needed information. Mr. Ruelas is knowledgeable, accessible, courteous and highly professional. I strongly recommend him."

-A Rodriguez, Georgetown, TX

"Bernard has helped me prepare and file my taxes for the last 3 years and I will keep going back to him in future years. As an independent consultant, who is a sole proprietor, Bernard is very patient and responsive to questions I have. He provides excellent customer service and takes the time to meet with me in person to go over any changes from year to year and asks questions to ensure he provides me with the best advice. He is always able to work me in to his schedule no matter when I contact him. He is also very affordable and his prices have stayed consistent over the years. Additionally, the staff AT Ruben M. Ruiz PC he works with is always helpful and welcomes me with a friendly smile when I walk into the door. I would highly recommend Bernard to anyone and have done so in the past and have business acquaintances who now use his services too."

-Amy Salinas, South Austin

"Ruben m. Ruiz PC., who has helped me with my yearly tax returns. This year I worked With Bernard Ruelas and can best be described as very professional, thorough, and extremely knowledgeable. He reviewed all required documents, walked me thru the process and guided me on my best options. Tax rules and processes are not easy for me, and he took the time to explain things so I could understand them. Thanks Bernard!"

-Patsy Benavidez, Austin, Texas

"I have been working with Ruben M. Ruiz, PC since 2014 and i have received great client service.I'm working right now with Bernard Ruelas and i can say that he has done a phenomenal job explaining to me everything that i need to know and answered all my questions.He helped me setup my quickbooks and trained me for the quickbooks payroll feature. He helped me with the company tax returns, franchise taxes, and my personal taxes. I highly recommend Bernard and the staff at Ruben M. Ruiz, PC. For anybody that is looking for a good CPA Firm to take care of their finances/taxes, look no further then them.. they treat you like family and take care of you."

-Wilfried A.Danvide- Square Law Group LLC, Brownsville TX

"Bernard worked with our budget and our timeline. He was patient and attentive to our business goals and needs. He uses a very systematic approach when dealing with complex situations. Mr. Ruelas was very business savvy and jumps right into the task at hand and his promptness, knowledge and professionalism really impressed us. The QuickBooks training was customized for our level of understanding. Hi highly recommend his service, you will not regret it.... Thanks Bernard!!"

-MP, Austin TX

"I have been a client for over 14 years - my experience with this agency has been phenomenal! I can only say great things about Ruben Ruiz and his staff. I feel as though my husband and I receive the royal treatment each and every time we need assistance! Superior customer service, integrity, professionalism, and immediate attention to your needs - couldn't ask for better agency. I would like to personally thank Bernard Ruelas for his hard work and dedication - it is always a pleasure to have him assist us, and he is a fantastic asset to this agency. Thank you so much Ruben Ruiz and staff for all that you do - it is greatly appreciated by your clients. Gloria and Rick Villarreal, SW Austin"

-Gloria Villarreal, SW Austin

"I've been with Ruben Ruiz CPA,s since 2000 and they have treated me very well and have taken care of my needs. For last 3-4 years Bernard Ruelas been doing all my taxes, financials, payroll and year end tax preparations. He has answered all my questions and steered me on the right track with all my financial plans and goals. Bernard Ruelas and the staff at Ruben Ruiz CPA,s are very professional and treat you like family. I'll be with them for plenty of years to come. Highly recommended."

-Mark Quinonez, Austin, Texas

"" When we met Bernard Ruelas about six months after we began a new business, we were allowed to share where we were at currently in our new venture, express our concerns, and hopes for where we want to go. His sense of integrity bridged our concerns about conducting our financial responsibilities without reproach. Bernard was welcoming, cared about what we were sharing, and provided a level of service that we had not experienced up to that time. In other words, we felt like he had time for us as people and that we were not processed like a commodity! He has been very helpful with his knowledge, has been willing to look at our issues and see what the best solution is for our business, and with his QuickBooks knowledge, is more than happy to provide us the orientation and training on QB's that will allow us to utilize it more effectively, and in turn, offer more strategic assistance to our business goals and endeavors! ""

-Gary Heerlein, Austin, TX

"Close to our home Excellent client service deep knowledge about all the deductions and answers to all our questions/ paper work and filing taxes on time and w/o delay I will keep them for many years to come. Thank you Bernard"

-Suresh Shah and Asha Shah, North Austin

"I have been a Client of Ruben M. Ruiz, PC since 1994 and I have received GREAT customer service the entire 21 years. The Staff Members have always been professional and have treated me very well. Mr. Ruiz and his Staff have always answered my questions and assisted me with everything. At this present time I am working with Mr. Bernard Ruelas and he has done an EXCELLENT job of explaining to me the process and educating me on how the tax process works. I ask alot of questions and both Mr. Ruiz and Mr. Ruelas are more than willing to give me personal attention. Thanks to the entire Staff at Ruben M. Ruiz, PC for the work they do for us."

-Joe M. Limon Jr, Austin

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